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BSAC is an India-based advisory firm that supports clients on policy, regulation, and business strategy. It recognizes that multi-dimensional challenges require unique and cohesive responses.

BSAC draws on the strength of its network of former architects of policy, thought leaders, and subject matter experts, across domains, to help clients overcome challenges and pursue opportunities. Working in coalitions and partnerships, it specialises in high-quality tailored services and executes projects that require handling by experienced and seasoned professionals. Its members have experience working at both the federal and state levels in India.

McLarty Associates is a leading Washington-based private sector diplomacy firm, that has helped clients manage government and policy issues around the world since 1998. The BSAC-McLarty Associates strategic partnership brings together on-the-ground expertise in India with McLarty’s global team, with offices in Washington, Brussels, Beijing, and Singapore and over twenty countries.

Our Services

  • Corporate Advisory & Support
  • Public Policy – Federal & State
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Legal Strategy
  • Crisis Avoidance
  • Strategic Communications

Balinder Singh, Director, serves as MA’s on-the-ground presence and is based in India. He brings 28 years of corporate and public affairs experience, having consulted for several Fortune 500 companies and Indian Blue Chips. His work has covered a diverse set of industries, helping clients map complex regulatory frameworks and implement multi-stakeholder advocacy programs.

Sumit Gupta, Advisor, has had over 25 years of wide professional experience in Information Technology, Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing, Pharma Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Pharma Regulatory Compliance. He has been actively involved and has held various positions with multiple pharmaceutical trade bodies.

Rajendran Nair Karakulam has worked in the legislative policy and political communication space for over 3 years. He has helped set up and run a grievance redressal cell for a state government in India. He was involved in an election campaign for a national party in the 2019 General Elections. Prior to that he has assisted various Members of Parliament through research and analysis for bills, debates and other parliamentary interventions. He has also published a research paper and multiple articles on various policy and governance issues in India. Rajendran Nair Karakulam is a law graduate from Hidayatullah National Law University and speaks English, Hindi and Malayalam.

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